Rosemary face oil

Why you should use a face oil

More and more people are using a face oil but what exactly is a face oil? Does it work? Is it good for your type of skin? Is it good for men as well? What are the differences between a face moisturiser and a face oil? Are all face oils equal?

We’ll aim to answer all of these questions in this blog post, as well as looking at the common myths and misconceptions about face oil, and introducing you to the range of face oils that we make.

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Shea nuts

The story of our butters and waxes

For our balms and butters, we use natural origin butters and waxes. As these can’t be locally sourced we have to look further afield to Africa, America, etc. We buy our ingredients from reliable suppliers who respect the welfare of their workers and with a Fairtrade label when available.

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Make your own skincare

Make your own skincare

The ethos of No Secrets Cosmetics ties in with the current trend of going back to basics. Making your own skincare is a big part of this, and has a myriad of benefits not only for your skin but also for your mind. Here are the reasons we think making your own skincare is wonderful. Continue Reading