BunnyBecause we believe in animal welfare, we don’t use products of animal origin, and we don’t test our products on animals. Please note that while animal testing for cosmetic purposes has been banned in the UK since 1998, if you buy from a big company who sells products in China, Chinese law requires that they test their products on animals. (Another good reason to buy from small local companies!)

Vegan skincare is not only for vegans and vegetarians, but is good for everyone. There can be confusion between the terms vegan and natural – not all vegan skincare is natural.

Are our products natural?

Foxglove, beautiful but very toxic plant

We mainly use natural ingredients because they are effective and biodegradable, but we are against scaremongering. Not all synthetics are bad and not all naturals are good. Some plants can be toxic for humans – tobacco, deadly nightshade, lily of the valley, foxglove and English yew to name a few. Some natural ingredients can have some side effects, such as the furocoumarins found in some citrus essential oils that can be phototoxic, or Saint John’s wort that can result in dangerous interactions with medicines. Some natural ingredients may not be sustainable as they come from endangered species such as cedarwood or rosewood. This means that it’s sometimes better to use natural-like synthetics.

Whether natural or not, the toxicity of an ingredient will depend on its concentration and the number of times you are in contact with it. As the famous physician Paracelsus said, “Solely the dose determines that a thing is not a poison.” So we choose not only safe ingredients but also ensure that all ingredients are used in a safe concentration. When required for the formulation, we use safe and environmentally friendly synthetics or naturally-derived products — and because of our transparency policy, we always let you know!

Nature has so much to offer, however, and you can really make gorgeous and effective natural skincare products. We also want to be minimalist and use the minimum number of ingredients possible. At the moment, we’re proud to say that all our range is 100% natural and preservative-free! Read more about our skincare range, bodycare or cosmetics ingredients kits.