Our products are freshly handmade with love in Saffron Walden, Essex. We use ingredients from reliable producers and always ask for a certificate of analysis ensuring their conformity to industry standards. We keep them away from light and heat in appropriate packaging, such as amber glass bottles or aluminium bottles, in order to preserve their properties. We select safe ingredients supported by science and ensure that all ingredients in the formulation are at the right concentration.

Our products are carefully formulated by Sandrine Henry de Hassonville, who has a Ph. D in Pharmaceutical Technology, five years’ teaching experience in Cosmetic Science and is a Member of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists.

Our formulations are designed to be safe for you and for your skin, and are safety assessed by an expert. Some of our products include a recommendation to avoid using on children or during pregnancy. This is just a precaution as we can’t be entirely sure that these products would be safe if used in high quantities every day. Some other companies might not advise the same precaution with the same ingredients, but we take extra care regarding children and pregnancy. We also make sure that our products are prepared in strictly-controlled conditions, and we keep all our manufacturing records.

Less is more…

When it comes to our products, we believe in minimalism. Using fewer but carefully selected ingredients doesn’t compromise quality and efficacy. A long list of ingredients can be confusing and doesn’t necessarily mean that the product is better – it can just make it more expensive! A higher number of ingredients can also increase the risk of interactions which could lead to the inactivity or toxicity of sensitive ingredients. Finally, the fewer the ingredients, the lower the risk of sensitivity or allergies, and the easier it is to find the ingredient responsible for these side effects.

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