Sandrine child

“Born in the countryside in Belgium, I spent my childhood in the garden picking delicious strawberries and raspberries, and helping my parents in the vegetable garden. Ever since then I’ve been passionate about nature.

Thanks to an amazing teacher, I fell in love with chemistry, and combining this with my interest in plants and health (my mum was a nurse), I got a degree in Pharmaceutical Studies. I enjoyed this so much that I went on to do a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences — as well as getting married and having three lovely children!

For the next few years I was a college lecturer, teaching Pharmaceutical Technology and Cosmetic Chemistry. My family and I then decided to take the plunge and go travelling for two years, and we ended up staying in England as we loved it so much.

As many parents can relate to, I wanted a job that would allow me to spend time with my children as well as being something that I was really passionate about. My lightbulb moment came when I was reading about skincare and cosmetics on the internet and social media — I found so much misinformation and confusion, and realised that I could use my background to help others understand the complex world of cosmetics. A fun way to do this is to teach people how to make their own cosmetics and help them understand the ingredients at the same time — and so No Secrets Cosmetics was born! 

Making cosmetics is like magic — you mix different ingredients and you end up with a beautiful skincare product. When you have the right ingredients and the right method, anybody can do it!”


Read more about our range of cosmetic ingredients kits to make your own skincare at home, or if you live in East Anglia and would love an exciting experience with friends, check out our skincare workshops.

And because not everyone has time to make their own skincare, we also have a range of ready-made products, including English face oils, English body oils and butters & balms.

Our products are ethical & sustainable, vegan & cruelty-free, safe & high quality.